Lucy is the author of “Science Nature and Identity – Understanding the Value of Experiential Learning in a Land Art Context” 2012, which explores commonalities about human interaction with landscape and art in the natural environment. She worked as Head of Education for Stour Valley Arts for eight years. During this time she developed programmes with artists educators biologists scientists and environmentalists. Down Time – a 4 year action research project which was part of the national Chances 4 Change national portfolio – offered high quality training and co-learning for groups of artists, teachers social and care workers working with groups of children and young people in the forest context. Down Time was also the basis of the case study for this publication. She is also the author of “Children’s Structures and Environmental Knowledge” in artist Holly Story’s exhibition catalogue “Make Believe” 2013, also containing articles by Robert Macfarlane and Dan Howard-Birt.

Lucy was Acting Director of SVA for 12 months during which time she led the organisation through transition from the founder Sandra Drew and negotiated the contract for the Arts Council’s National Portfolio.

Since October 2013 she has been working as Strategic Manager (Kent) for Artswork, in its role as a Bridge organisation. Artswork’s founding Chairman and honorary President is Sir Ken Robinson. Our job is to ensure all children and young people experience the richness of the arts both in and outside of school.

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